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xtr social for you and business

Portal for extra social services for communities and communications. Focusing singles, families and social groups we deliver evidence based content and socialising support. Let´s dive deeper into what we call ME & US and follow our lead for you personally, for business and marketing. is a join-in service for anyone. Share and benefit. banner

Getting extra social

The world of xtr social. While socializing is written into every humans very inner core most have hard times to really understand others and to make yourself understandable to others easyly. It´s not! Why do "we" get less social despite the fact we became so many on this globe? The global trend is egoistic, not towards caring relationships like families and sharing communities. Our brains on the other hand seem to be social organs, following life not on the basis of technical logic but the relation seems to be relationships. Social is the real battle field of each human. How to not get hurt by "social" interaction? If communication goes wrong, how can you be protected?

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Where can you socialise and connect to others?

But this trend will never fail: Real social: Meeting actual people and learn from them directly (and not from their social media profile). No surprise, but real will always be real and feels always real. Our GeoFndr is therefore not a another media service but a real-word helper for finding real people where ever you are. • Sources : luxury – low-cost – sales

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Social events & experiences

Experience social? Yes, the serious way. Ever wanted to know the best way to safely getting social? We all grew up in cultures with more or less strong misunderstandings about being family, how to partner and how to be part of a community. No offense, but solid observations based on scientific evidence. Unwritten rules drive us following certain patterns no matter if I am or if I make happy by executing these "laws". The latest trend is using technology for finding relationships. The social media promises are traded like truth but the results are devastating: The epidemic bond tolerance causes less loyalty, less robust partnerships, less trust. Exactly this is the opposite of what everyone desires beneath a loud and trendy surface and media world. We love to find, share social stories of successful relationships and their inspiring results. The top10 stories are getting voted by the Xtr audience each 45 days.

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Rewarded by life

Interestingly givers get more rewarded than takers. This old wisdom is also an observation. Did you know that giving is not based on the amount of money but by the amount of attention and real care someone receives and reflects. Affordable .. brought to you by #xtr. . For some .. and for the most .. . Social entrepreneurs are a need breed of business people. They solve problems, which are really there and therefore build their cities, communities and help to prosper.

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Social for business

People in western countries spend roughly 80% of their remaining income after expenses to socialise, to be together with the people they love, they care for or that share same interests. Meeting, coming together at nearly any price. Xtr gives businesses with real social effects a basis to get loud on a broader stage. We would love to make your additional value known to others worldwide. Social selling seems to be a sales technique but has simply the feed on the same ground customers and clients have. This creats authentic trust. Influencer: Yes, share your message and earn fruits from the seeds in others lifes. | Social events can be offered at GeoFndr. | Creative ideas in joining marketing forces are more than welcome. | International B2B services for partners that wish to grow social services in other countries as well is part of our support.

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Want a great starting point with this topic? While you read this on the internet we focus on the real world, on real experiences and individual results for you right where you are. Deeper insights, discounts and an important starting point diving into mainstream and beyond. Fun and facts for your daily life guaranteed.
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